Champagne Métronome

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Premier cru

Being the indicator of the beat, it is part of every good musician’s set. Responsible for musical beats’ regularity, Métronome determines the tempo, so that the integral composition can be executed in harmony. To the pace and speed needed.

Detailed description

Métronome is a brilliant wine with a golden yellow colour revealing vivid bubbles and a delicate cordon.

The nose is developed with a round and moderate power and expresses aromas of pastries and almond paste. Then notes of fresh fruits like white peach come.

The entry is good and rather distinct. Aromas of peach in the nose also appear in the palate, with a balance between acidity and sugar. Sweet aromas of kiwi fruit and nectarine are the finishing touch of this cuvée’s aromatic range. The finish, revealing slight citrus fruits bitterness, is quite long and complete.

Technical sheet

Delivery in metropolitan France only.

AssemblageNon-vintage Brut
70% made with wine from the harvest 2016
30% made with reserve wine
Malolactic fermentation
Grape varieties70% made with Pinot Noir
20% made with Chardonnay
10% made with Meunier
Wine and food pairingRisotto with chicken and mushrooms
White fish served with steamed vegetables
Salade aux lards (Champagne speciality)
Dosage7.3 g/l

« Give a composer several notes of music and he will write the most beautiful symphony! Thus, my grapes are pressed in the cooperative and vinified by the team of winemakers »

Camille Allouchery