Our Style

The art of composing

As a grower and member of a cooperative, I think that the cooperative is a real advantage. Pooling the tools is the opportunity to be able to create a product of a great quality, with tools at the cutting edge of technology. The terroir diversity of our estates allows to emphasize all the authenticity and the typicality of our champagnes.

L'art de composer – Allouchery-Bailly

The art of tasting

Give a composer several notes of music, and he will write the most beautiful symphony! Thus, my grapes are pressed in the cooperative and vinified by the team of winemakers which I am a part of. Wine-making is an art that requires great sensitivity and a taste for details. I am proud to be able to make my champagne this way.

Having the willingness to offer you wines ever more successful, I talk very much with my family, my friends and winegrower and member of cooperative colleagues. Filled with exchanges, these thinkings allows me to get an overview and have a better œnological interpretation of my vintages.

L'art de la dégusation – Allouchery-Bailly