Champagne Chœur de Pinot

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Premier cru
Blanc de Noirs

As an allusion to Camille’s musician grandfather, Chœur de Pinot is just like the Écueil’s terroir: authentic. The Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier take their place in its heart to play this energetic composition for two voices. This Blanc de Noirs has an assertive character and reveals all its manliness with a high level of control and elegance. It seduces unanimously at any time.

Detailed description

Chœur de Pinot sets us the tone with its brilliant and strong yellow colour, emphasized by an elegant and thick foam.

This wine is a sweet, rich and greedy olfactory symphony whose score harmoniously blends notes of peach in syrup, toasted bread and touches of gingerbread.

The palate plays a round and tasty melody which perfectly matches the greedy nose. Precise and straight, the mouth is dominated by a range of citrus fruits zest. The liveliness of this wine calls the vintage to mind and gives it a beautiful and structural entry that balances the roundness of flavours and the spice of the acid drop.

Technical sheet

Delivery in metropolitan France only.

AssemblageMillésime (vintage)
100% made with wine from the harvest 2015
Malolactic fermentation
Grapes varieties90% made with Pinot Noir
10% made with Meunier
Wine food and pairingFoie gras with toasted bread and fig jam
Red meat and gratin dauphinois
Lemon meringue pie
Dosage7.3 g/l

« Give a composer several notes of music and he will write the most beautiful symphony! Thus, my grapes are pressed in the cooperative and vinified by the team of winemakers »

Camille Allouchery