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Champagne Ratafia

“Séraphin”, as a tribute to Georges Allouchery, my paternal grandfather. The story is that during World War II, my grandfather was a member of the FFI (French Forces of the Interior) and his name on his ID member card was: “Séraphin Donchery”. He was a Ratafia lover too, consequently, the name of this product was an evidence! Typical liqueur of the region made with grape must and Marc de Champagne brandy. This fresh and fruity nectar has been considered as “the wine-grower’s aperitif” for a long time!

Detailed description

TastingThe Séraphin Champagne Ratafia has a luminous hue, satiny and rather dense, which is orange-pink in colour with deep salmon-pink highlights in the glass. The visual examination is original and heralds a rich liqueur, full of shades.
The first nose is an ode to citrus fruits, going from orange blossom, bitter orange to the clementine liqueur. A real terroir signature is expressed through an iodized basis. The aeration of the Ratafia reveals notes of almond, cherry, damson plum, apricot, wild strawberry, aniseed herbs, blackcurrant and blackberry.
The entry in the palate is sweet and fresh with creamy bubbles. The Séraphin Champagne Ratafia develops a fruity, pulpy and mellow structure highlighted by the acidity of orange. Generous at first sight, it is balanced by a wrapping fruity nectar, by integrated residual sugars and some welcome bitterness. The whole is homogeneous and seductive and reveals a sweet finish that only some accents of the Champagne Marc and a remarkable freshness bring us back to the Champagne Ratafia.
With all the proper rulesThe Séraphin Champagne Ratafia is a liqueur wine that we cherish for the expression of our terroirs and that reveals suppleness and freshness of citrus fruits. It can be drunk at the aperitif or as a liqueur, or with some carefully chosen dishes. We suggest you to enjoy the colour and the flavours of your Champagne Ratafia by drinking it at 7-8°C in a thin or a rather shapely glass.
Ratafia and food pairingThe following food pairings are suggested to give you pleasant moments of sharing and reveal all the aromatic shades of our Champagne Ratafia:
– With some dried apricots
– Melon kebabs and slices of Parma ham
– Smoked salmon (for this pairing, drink the Champagne Ratafia at 4°C)
– Foie gras and apricot chutney
– Slices of fillet of duck breast cooked with Champagne Ratafia
– With a vineyard peach sorbet in the style of a “Trou champenois”
– Plate of ash-coated – goat’s cheese, Brie cheese, Langres cheese, Comté cheese and dried fruits
– Semi-mature Mimolette cheese
– Cherry batter pudding

Technical sheet

Delivery in metropolitan France only.

AssemblageGrape must
Marc de Champagne
Ageing made in wood
Grape varieties100 % made with Meunier
Wine food and pairingPlate of cheeses and dried fruits
Foie gras and apricot chutney
Cherry batter pudding
Alcoholic strength18% vol

« Give a composer several notes of music and he will write the most beautiful symphony! Thus, my grapes are pressed in the cooperative and vinified by the team of winemakers »

Camille Allouchery