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Champagne Ratafia

“Séraphin”, as a tribute to Georges Allouchery, my paternal grandfather. The story is that during World War II, my grandfather was a member of the FFI (French Forces of the Interior) and his name on his ID member card was: “Séraphin Donchery”. He was a Ratafia lover too, consequently, the name of this product was an evidence! Typical liqueur of the region made with grape must and Marc de Champagne brandy. This fresh and fruity nectar has been considered as “the wine-grower’s aperitif” for a long time!

Description détaillée

THE EYE – The colour is slightly amber with golden highlights.
THE NOSE – Notes of almond and frangipane are present. Aromas of ripe and sweet fruits also appear.
THE PALATE – A fruity and mellow texture that reminds the plum. This greedy liqueur is generous with a great sweetness.

Technical sheet

Delivery in metropolitan France only.

Unfermented grape must + Marc de Champagne
Ageing made in wood
Grape varieties100 % made with Meunier
Wine food and pairing– Melon kebabs and slices of Parma ham
– Foie gras and apricot chutney
– Plate of ash-coated goat’s cheese, Brie cheese, Langres cheese, Comté cheese and dried fruits.
Alcoholic strength18% vol

« Give a composer several notes of music and he will write the most beautiful symphony! Thus, my grapes are pressed in the cooperative and vinified by the team of winemakers »

Camille Allouchery